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By Michael Wu

Friday, June 30, 2006

Random Bits

Asked by Harper's Bazaar what she was going to do on her 20th birthday, Lindsay Lohan said "I'm going to go away, out of the country...Do something fun and different. [Photographers] won't find me... No one can get a picture of you on Turks and Caicos. I go there with my family, and it's the perfect place to go with a guy." It's July's cover story if you're so inclined to go to the newsstand. Now we know how cool we really are that LL shares our love with the island.

In other news more info out of the TCI Film Festival. Apparently its emphasis is going to be on films that "best marry music to cinema."

"I have felt for a long time that film and music are inseparable in creating an impactful on-screen experience" explains Exec Director Jasmie Guy. "This is a great opportunity to celebrate that fusion, and to embrace films and filmmakers from around the globe." More here and in my earlier post.


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