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By Michael Wu

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Boston Globe raves about Provo

This is not the first time the Boston Globe has written about the Turks & Caicos. This time the headline is "Prime Time in the Caribbean." Bonny Tsui writes "the Turks and Caicos have long been off the radar for many Americans. But with their magnificent white-sand beaches -- and recently stepped-up air service, including seasonal nonstop flights from Boston and New York -- the destination is growing more popular."

The subheading is "Turks and Caicos Islands are not too crowded -- yet" which I concur with. It's always one of the first things that returning travelelers point out (except if they stayed at Beaches!). I think it's startling to a lot of people that they can go to some place that is so beautiful and yet not be bombared with crowds, people trying to sell stuff and other peace-destroyers.

Back to the article, the places mentioned include Amanyara, Parrot Cay and Grace Bay Club. It wraps up with a bit of talk about the Grand Turks. Great read for those looking to learn more about TCI.

Update: The Boston Herald covers Carnival's entry into Grand Turk. Must be Boston coverage of T&C day or something!

Update 2: Thanks to alert reader Jane from the UK for pointing out this article in the The Sunday Times. It discusses, (surprise, surprise) Amanyara and Parrot Cay. Whoever does their PR is earning their keep!


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