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By Michael Wu

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Transportation options: To Gecko or Not To Gecko

Well, slow news week down in Provo so i thought i'd muse on about the sometimes maligned, sometimes much loved Gecko Shuttle Bus and other transportation options on the Island. The common question is "should we
rent a car or should we take the Gecko bus." Well first of all, the Gecko bus is not very reliable and I often hear stories of people having to wait hours to catch one so if you have to be somewhere at a specific time forget it. However, the Gecko bus is more than just transportation. It could be the cheapest tour you take on the island especiallly if you get a day or multi day pass. Pricing for a one day pass is $11 and $22 for a 3-day pass. It stops at all the Resorts, the IGA, Salt Mills, Ports of Call, the Golf Course, and a gazillion other places. Maybe that's why they're always late! Hey you're on vactation. Who cares?! Routes, schedules, etc. on their website.

Now if you're not staying at a resort on Grace Bay or you want to be able to move around, renting a car is probably the best bet - and make sure it's an SUV! Some of those roads outside of Leeward Highway are chock full of potholes, dirt and worse! If there's a sudden rainstorm (especially during the summer and fall) you'll want to be above the flooding. I've personally rented from Avis and had a good experience as have my friends.

A not well know known fact is that Avis actually has two locations on Provo, one at the airport and one on Grace Bay and they will pick you up or drop you off if you need. (A little bit of Enterprise in Provo, right?). I had a friend who picked up a rental from the airport to save on the cab (normally $20 to grace bay) and took it to the IGA to get some groceries and then to the Alexandra Resort on Grace Bay. She then dropped it off at the Avis Grace Bay dropoff point and they dropped her back at the resort. Towards the end of her stay she went to the Avis (Grace bay) spent a day visiting places, then the next day dropped it off at the airport. Not a bad routine in my opinion. The other rental place I hear mentioned is Scooter Bob's, but i can't vouch for them.


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