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By Michael Wu

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Traveler's Tips: Safety

No matter how safe a destination it's always best to use some common senese when traveling. Provo is very safe but it's not without its problems. Here are some tips that every traveler should find handy:

  • Leave expensive jewelry, unnecessary credit cards, and anything you would hate to lose at home.
  • Use a concealed money pouch or belt for passports, cash, and other valuables.
  • To facilitate replacing a lost or stolen passport, carry two extra passport photos and a photocopy of your passport information page and other identity documents with you in a separate place from those items.
  • Do not take valuables to the beach. When possible, use the hotel safe when you go to the beach or into town.
  • Do not dive into unknown bodies of water because hidden rocks or shallow depths can cause serious injury or death.

And finally a great tip from Barb:
  • Never lock your car door and always leave the windows open so that way if someone is tempted to go snooping all they have to do is poke their head in (instead of smashing in the windows). They don't want to steal your car.... Really... how far would they get? And obviously don't leave something tempting like your passport and diamonds in the car.

Many of these tips are from the US State Departments Tips For Travelers to the Caribbean. I know, TCI is not officially in the Caribbean, but there's plenty of other good, relevant information on their site.


Anonymous Steve said...

Great tips! I know I've been hearing a lot of stuff about Premiere Michael Misick and how people are
"worried" about the safety. But I've been visiting the Turks and Caicos for awhile now and it's my secret getaway spot! I've never had ANY problems, and everyone has been so nice. But it's always good to follow your safety tips and be careful when you travel.

3:34 PM  

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