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By Michael Wu

Saturday, November 05, 2005

The birth of a blog

Some time in 2004, my friend Geoff, who has a villa down in the Turks & Caicos which i had never heard of was trying to tell me how Provo was the next greatest thing. He used to be a travel writer so i figured he knew a little bit about this topic. He was telling me about the Royal West Indies and i went so far as to get some paperword and look at some numbers but i didn't make the move. This year, Geoff finally convinced me to come down and stay at this villa. Well, maybe "convince" is not the right word when someone is asking you to come down and spend time in the sun! I went down with my father and we had a splendid time, even if we did have to hold an umbrella over our heads while barbecuing! We checked out many of the resorts but we ultimately decided to get a little place at the Alexandra (previously called the Pavillions, which was previously called the Alexandra) and thus this blog begins.

I have to say that even though we bought at the Alexandra, we spent some quality time at all the other resorts. In particular, I really liked the "lounge" area by the swim up bar at the Palms. The Alexandra has a swim up bar but it's not quite as good. Plus eating $12 pizzas at the Palms can't be beat. We really liked Hemingway's at the Sands as well. Man, that was some good lobster.

I'm one of those types of people who researches things obsessively before buying anything and i continue to keep up with stuff after buying, so naturally i've read a ton about Provo,Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos, etc. etc. I figured i'd start this blog for anyone what wants to learn a little more and keep up with what's going on down there.